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Welcome to the website of Jennifer Fleschner, Port St Lucie Realtor, your source for Port St Lucie real estate and real estate all over the Treasure Coast and the surrounding area. Looking to purchase a new home? Avoid feeling overwhelmed and use my experience and knowledge to find the home of your dreams. Thinking of selling? Exposure is everything. Leverage my experience and marketing tools to turn “selling” into “SOLD”. Have questions? I’m here to help find answers and provide insights into the local real estate market. Although I work all over the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County, Port St Lucie Real Estate is my specialty and my home base. So, if you need to know anything about Port St Lucie Real Estate, I am always available to help.

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Not real estate… just the life of a proud (Realtor) Mom!

My son’s elementary school winning story!

“I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody.” – Abraham Lincoln

Bully Am I
by Lance Fleschner
May, 2013

It was just another school day, just like every other school day. I would walk to the bus stop to begin my day of being tortured by the school bully. Yep, it was just my luck that the meanest kid in school happened to live in the same neighborhood as me. The bully’s name is Max, but I think of him as “Mean Max”. I am Tommy, or as Max likes to call me, “Tiny Tommy”.

Being small for my age, I have gotten used to being constantly made fun of and always being the last one picked for a team, that is, if I’m lucky enough to be picked at all. This year though, thanks to Max, things have gotten worse for me...way worse! Max has made it his personal mission to make my life miserable, and he makes sure that everyone else hates me too.

On this particular day, Max seemed even meaner than usual. It started at the bus stop just as soon as he saw me. “Hey, its little baby Tommy”, Max shouted, and then he asked if my mommy gave me a bath and dressed me this morning.

All of the other kids laughed as they joined in the verbal assault. They yelled, “Poor tiny toddler Tommy” and “Don’t cry little baby boy your mommy will make you a baby bottle”. One kid really got creative when he asked if I had diapers on in case I wet my pants. The bus ride to school wasn’t any better. Max continued to call me names, and warned me that if I told anyone that I would be known as a “SNITCH”, and no one likes a snitch!

I thought about telling my parents and my teacher about Max, but I was afraid that things would get even worse for me. Max had me convinced that there was nothing worse than being a snitch, and once a snitch, always a snitch!

Later on that day, I was having lunch in the cafeteria while humming a song by a famous female artist. Accidentally, my humming turned into softly singing the song to myself. This turned out to be a big mistake because all of a sudden…

WHAM! I felt a slap on the back of my head. “Only a little girl would sing that song. Are you a little girl?” Max snarled. Shocked and scared, I looked around to see if any teachers were looking, but of course, Max timed it perfectly and he got away with it again. The kids sitting around me were no help either because they were as afraid of Max as I was. I just sat there afraid and completely silent for the rest of lunch.

Recess was next, and that’s what I feared the most. The playground is very large and there are plenty of places that the teachers just can’t see. This is where the bullies like to do their dirty work. They’re hidden from supervision but can still be seen by plenty of students. This is the perfect place for them to show off by picking on little kids like me.

As usual, I was sitting there at recess watching all the kids playing and having fun. I just wished for once that someone would invite me to play with them. In the past, whenever I’ve approached kids and asked if I could play with them, they would say things like…“No, we already have a full team”, or “Too late, we’ve already started”. The worst is when they just ignore me, or act as if I’m invisible. They say to each other things like… “Did you hear something?” “I didn’t hear anything.” “Just ignore it, it will go away.”

Then, to my surprise, a popular kid named Jake asked me if I wanted to play football. I was so excited but also very nervous because I knew Jake was good friends with Max. I was also concerned because the football field was the furthest area from the teachers, and it was the place where all the popular kids, including Max, liked to hang out. It was no place for a small and unpopular kid like me.

Although I knew it could be dangerous and I probably shouldn’t go, I just couldn’t help myself. I was so excited to finally be asked to play that I quickly and foolishly agreed. Hey, this wasn’t just any kid either…this was one of the cool kids. Crazy thoughts went racing through my head. If Jake likes me, then maybe everyone else will like me too. Was this the moment I’ve been waiting for? Will my whole life change for the better?

Oh no, it’s a trap! All of a sudden, I was surrounded by kids and blocked from the view of the teachers. Max shouted at me, “So you want to play football with the big boys, do ya?” Then, without warning, he threw the football so hard at my head that the impact forced me immediately to the ground.

There I was on the ground curled up in a ball, just trying to protect myself as Max was brutally punching and kicking me. I felt extreme pain as I cried out, please, please stop! He didn’t stop. In fact, as the crowd around us cheered him on, he began to hit me even faster and harder. With tears running down my face, I slowly closed my eyes as everything went black.

“Wake up!” “Wake up!” my mother shouted. “Why are you screaming and crying Max?” I woke up in my own bed, and yes, I was Max, Mean Max the bully. I had the worst possible nightmare; I had dreamt that I was poor Tiny Tommy and the victim of the terrible bully (me) Max.

My mother was shocked when I told her about my dream. She was even more horrified when I told her that I really was a bully and that I’ve been doing terrible things to poor Tommy.

She told me that she was very disappointed in me, and that hurt more than any punishment that she could ever give me. She said that I had the nightmare because my conscience was bothering me. My mother said that she would rather I be a little nobody than to be an evil somebody. She explained that I would not have any peace until I made things right with Tommy. I couldn’t wait to get to the bus stop that morning to apologize to Tommy.

As I ran up to him, he cringed with fear. I softly said…“Don’t be afraid, Tommy, I will never hurt you again”. I said that I felt terrible about how I had treated him and that I was truly sorry. I asked for his forgiveness.

The thing I learned about Tommy that day was that he may be small, but his heart is huge. He didn’t even give it a second thought, and without hesitation, he said…“Of course Max, I forgive you”.

From that day forward, Tommy and I were best friends. You might even say we were inseparable. We walked to the bus stop together, we sat in the same seat on the bus, we had lunch together, and Tommy even taught me that song he was singing in the cafeteria. That's right, Tommy taught me a song by a famous female artist and I really liked it. I think I always did...but I was too cool (I thought) to admit it.

We also had a great time playing at recess together. No, we didn’t play with the cool kids, although they would have accepted Tommy now. We decided to put our own group of kids together. You could say that they were the unpopular kids, but before we knew it, we had the largest group of friends in the entire school. Even the cool kids like Jake wanted to be Tommy’s friend and join in our group, and of course, Tommy was all too happy to include everyone.

The pain I felt in my dream was so intense and so real. I felt every kick and every punch, which really hurt, but it was nothing compared to the sadness and the loneliness of not having any friends. Everyone hated me as Tommy, and I hated Max, but in reality I hated myself for being a bully.

Bully Am I

Not anymore!